Expansive windows maximize daylight
Stunning views from virtually column-free floors where expansive windows offer natural light throughout the day.

Free Flow Design

Cleverly designed and well-thought out, B6 is an office tower with expansive windows offering ample access to natural light, and virtually column-free floors so interior layouts need not compromise. Open floorplates are not only efficient but also allow for spontaneous interactions to happen, and creativity to flow freely.

Clever architecture offers open floorplates
Cinched at the bottom and flared at the top, every B6 level is free-flowing and free of awkward spaces.
Elegant elevator lobbies
A welcoming lobby that is animated and active
An engaging focal point upon arrival, the lobby’s curved screen wall draws visitors in with a visual and auditory experience of rotating digital arts.


Taking cues from the ambiance of cosmopolitan luxury hotels, the B6 Lobby is an inviting and welcoming space featuring design elements that blend undulating forms inspired by both the building’s structure and the nearby Burrard Inlet. Design elements in contrasting textures, and a striking, curved video wall featuring digital art by local and international artists draws tenants and visitors in.

Lobby design elements inspired by nature
Rich marbled stone floors in warm grey create an alluring contrast to the white undulating ceiling.
B6 embraces its lively corner exposure
Free-flowing and virtually column-free floors
Open minded and open concept, B6 offers largely column-free floorplates and free-flowing spaces where ideas inspire and transpire.

Open Minded, Open Concept

B6 is a building imagined for the modern office, a building that’s designed to enhance uninterrupted views thanks to expansive windows, and ceilings that soar to 11 feet when left open and to nine feet when dropped. Instead of awkward spaces, B6 offers smart, largely column-free spaces that flow. Tenants with offices on two floors have the option of having an inter-floor staircase—for even more free-flowing creativity and collaboration. On every level there are organic and activated areas where people come together, where Vancouver’s leaders of today and tomorrow work smart.

Luxuriously designed washrooms